elwynsattic (elwynsattic) wrote,

How to Keep Busy for a Few Days

  • Do a crapload of laundry that I wish would put itself away while I'm writing this.

  • Glue broken porcelain statues back together with Beadalon G-S Hypocement.

  • Order books for professor husband from Amazon (and a couple of fairy t-shirts for myself).

  • Take parent to College Park for hearing aid appointment. Attempt to navigate the maze around campus and get lost. Attempt to figure out why students never look before marching in front of cars. Consider installing cow catcher. Manage to navigate around rush-hour traffic on Rt. 29 while looking for nearest M&T bank ATM.

  • Help parent pay bills. Figure out what to do with convoluted financial form that only Einstein might understand.

  • Make three trips to the trash/recycle room to get rid of 1 week’s worth of glass/plastic, and a month’s worth of paper, recycling.

  • Take car to Honda service b/c "low tire" pressure light came on, even though the tire pressure was fine.

  • Shuttle professor husband to and from campus.

  • Take cat to vet. Put up with a week of “pissiness” from second cat because the first cat doesn't "smell right" upon her return. (Do it all over again next week.)

  • Play multiple games of "Food Police," preventing second cat from eating first cat's food.

  • Change bedsheets with "help" of cat.

  • Finish taking care of neighbor's cat while neighbor was on vacation (cat was a joy to play with; husband and I found him abandoned in a park 2 years ago).

  • Give thanks to the deities that BSFS elections are over for another year.

  • "Opt out" from too many political and telemarketer calls (even though we never opted in). Let husband do the dirty work (he is more assertive).

  • Get ready for Turning Circle service tomorrow.

  • Pick up last few things I forgot at the grocery store.

  • Reinstall Open Office.

  • Watch THREE movies in one day: "Guardians of the Galaxy" at Rotunda theatre with friend; then "March of the Penguins" and "Fiddler on the Roof" while catching up on several months' backlog of mending/hemming until 5:30 a.m. (couldn't sleep that night anyway).

  • Drive friend to bookstore (again) to pick up books that weren't there the first time.

  • Get excited that some of my photos are being published (Huzzah!).

  • Photocopy 400 flyers for a last-minute event. Combine that with a same-day trip to a jeweler in Bel Air (that I'd been trying to find time to do for the last six months) to repair/resize a bunch of jewelry. Get to jeweler, note with dismay that there is a huge "EVERYTHING MUST GO!" sign outside the door. Find out (to my relief) that they aren't closing, just moving down the road.

  • Pull out fall and Halloween decorations.

  • Famous Dave's!!

Tags: busy, cat, cleaning, errands, fall, halloween, housework
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